A$AP Rocky On Rihanna: 'I Ain't Hittin' It'

'I don't even look at her like that. She's sexy, but I'm good,' A$AP Rocky tells MTV News of his rumored relationship with Rihanna.

Since Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are on the road together, they must be sleeping with each other, right? Wrong!

"Yeah, I expected people to say that me and Rihanna were sleeping around. We're just cool," Rocky told MTV News while out on the set for A$AP Ferg's [article id="1705931"]"Work" remix video[/article] on April 10. "Man dudes be tryin' to front like they tappin' Rihanna's [anatomy] and all that, but they don't be hittin' it."

In April, gossip site reported that Rihanna dumped Chris Brown for her Diamonds tourmate A$AP Rocky. Even Breezy himself joked about it earlier this month, when he visited Power 105 in New York. "I'm just a regular guy so I be like, 'Man, I hope aint nobody hittin' that right now,' " he said jokingly after he was informed of the report.

Well, Rocky once again puts all of the rumors to bed. "I aint hittin' it either. I'm just cool with her. I don't even look at her like that. She's sexy, but I'm good," he said, reminding us that he already has a girlfriend, Victoria's Secret model Chanel Iman.

"That's really a friend. She supports me, man. She's bringing me out, she ain't have to do that. That girl came to my Coachella a year ago. I got nothing but love for Rih Rih; that's the homey right there," he continued. "I ain't tryin' to get in no trouble with no Rihanna rumors because I'm not f---in' Rihanna. That's somebody's else's."

"So f--- your reliable source," barked Ferg.

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