Why The Hell Are You So Sad?

Nov. 8, 1996 -- Happiness is a touchy subject for Sheryl Crow, and who can blame her. She sold 8 million copies of her debut album and took home 3 Grammy's.

But success came with a price.

First, a performance of "Leaving Las Vegas" on "The Late Show" and some couch banter about the song being autobiographical, turned into a big deal when author John O'Brien, who's book the song was based on, committed suicide. After the book became an Oscar winning film, O'Brien's friends hinted that seeing Crow on Letterman, played a part in the suicide -- a suggestion O'Brien's parents denied.

Then came the messy break-up of the Tuesday Night Music Club, the casual song writing circle that created enough songs on Sheryl Crows first album, to earn itself the title.

CROW: Our camaraderie, I think, was really based on all of us having this, Gee...we've been overlooked by the art world. And, kind of a more negative attitude, that was what our camaraderie was based on, and then

when my record became successful, suddenly I wasn't in that group that had been looked over by the art world, and by the music world and, it was hard for people to deal with. And when I got ready to make this record, I would never have tried to recreate that circumstance again, and I kind of knew, well not kind of, I really knew what I wanted to on this record, and it was just time for me to do it on my own.

MTV: While the conflicts of the last 2 years have seeped into her lyrics, her new album and her new image are entirely Crow creations.

CROW: Everything was so geared towards, sort of, the girl next door, 3 years ago when my record came out. I don't feel like that person anymore, and sometimes that just comes out in the way you dress. You know the characters on this record are kind of more into self-definition, or self-realization, I don't know, I guess you could probably hire a therapist, in fact I could probably put a therapist's child through college with the amount

of psycho-analytical-babble on this record. But, hey, you know, it's what it is.

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