Justin Bieber Is Hanging Out With Kim And Kanye In Ibiza -- And Instagramming Every Second

Kim, Kendall and Kris are hanging out with Justin. And Kanye's there too!

So we already knew that Justin Bieber was having the greatest, most drama-filled trip to Ibiza ever. But then, he had to go and post this celebrity-filled Instagram that has our heads reeling with the sheer force of star power.

Kim, Kendall, Kris AND the Biebs? All in one photo? I'm shaking as I type this. Are they all going to hang out now? Drink champagne and frolic in the streets of Ibiza, cavorting in one huge celebrity puddle of beautiful people goodness?

Oh, and what brought them together? Why, just the birthday of Givenchy's artistic director, Riccardo Tisci. NBD. Maybe, just maybe, they'll keep teasing us plebeians with more Instagram pics documenting the night.

Related question: who took the picture? Was it Kanye? OH SNAP it probably was because he followed the photo with a video of Kanye performing "Black Skinhead."

And Kim posted a glamour shot with her mom and sister.

And Kendall got a close-up with everyone's new BFF Khalil.

But Justin isn't finished making friends yet.

And here's Justin Bieber next to Kanye West, possibly the most coveted pairing that has ever appeared on Instagram:

Go ahead and go back to your regular ole civilian Friday night eating popcorn with your boyfriend or doing shots with your friends, and dream of how spectacular this hang out sesh is going to be.

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