Meet And Greet: Should Kailyn Break The Ice With Javi’s Girlfriend On 'Teen Mom 2'?

The two have yet to formally meet

The birth of Lincoln’s half-brother is imminent on Teen Mom 2 -- and Kailyn’s relationship with Javi’s baby mama Lauren is still non-existent. Even though the ladies often see each other at events for Linc, the two have yet to exchange words or formally meet.

And on tonight’s episode, Kail and Lauren saw each other at another of Lincoln’s soccer practices, but yet again, they did not interact.

“I don’t talk to Lauren at practices, at functions,” Kailyn told her friends beforehand. “We don’t communicate. I don’t know if I would call it bad blood. Now they’re pregnant and having the baby. It is what it is. I just don’t care to talk to her. Good luck.”


Lauren, meanwhile, expressed optimism to Javi that someday their co-parenting relationship with Kailyn will improve like hers did with Isaac’s dad and step-mom, Jo and Vee.

“We didn’t say anything [to each other], which is fine,” Lauren said of their encounter. “Eventually we’ll get into a norm, whether it’s five years down the road or two. We’ll get there. She got there with Jo and Vee, and she’ll get there with us. It’ll work eventually.”

And since Javi doesn’t seem to want to introduce the women -- he said “we’re not worried about that right now” -- perhaps the ball is in Kail’s court to make the first move. Or is it in Lauren's? And do you think Kailyn should strike up a conversation with Lauren before things get too awkward? Or should they maintain their distance and let a conversation happen naturally? Tell us your opinion, then watch new episodes of Teen Mom 2 Mondays at 9/8c.

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