How Does Nany Describe Her 'Challenge' Attraction To Hunter?

For his part, he thinks she's a 'smokeshow'

The U.K. alliance may be at an "all-time high" in the Challenge world (Wes' statement after Ashley and Kam took out Amanda and Josh), but two Americans -- Nany and Hunter -- are feeling fine in this war. And it has nothing to do with the politics or losing allies in this unique game.

"Hunter and I have definitely gotten closer lately. I am also very physically attracted to Hunter," the Real World alum enthusiastically stated during tonight's episode (as she smooched the Young Buck mid-bus ride). "I think he's beautiful."

While viewers only saw a snippet of their mutual attraction -- and no real take from Hunter other than a big grin post-verrrrry close physical proximity -- the Yankee duo opened up to MTV News about their initial emotions as they got to know each other.

"I was dating someone for three years and I stopped doing [MTV] shows, so when we broke up and I got the opportunity to go back on the show, I was like 'Sure, why not?'' Nany revealed. "I said I just wanted to have fun; I want to be single and be able to flirt. I did not want to feel confined to one person. I never expected to really develop feelings for Hunter. I think he's a good person. He has a good heart, and I trust him."

So what was running through Hunter's mind during this period of time?

"Nany's a smokeshow," the Are You the One? vet reflected. "She's gorgeous. She will say what's on her mind, and I like that."

Will Hunty's flirtation grow into something more, or will something (or someone) come between them and prevent their bond from strengthening? Keep watching War of the Worlds every Wednesday at 9/8c to see these two compete (and maybe have eyes for each other).