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Josh Peck Should Be Oprah’s Campaign Manager If She Runs For President

I mean, he’s already her biggest fan

The presidential election in 2020 could end up being the most interesting one for aspiring candidates yet — and that's saying something. Besides Kayne West and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson mentioning their possible runs, Oprah Winfrey recently confessed she's thinking about life in the Oval Office.

The internet was shocked and excited by the news, but no one — I repeat: no. one. — was more thrilled than Josh Peck (whose Drake & Josh character had a hilariously twisted relationship with Winfrey).

Naturally, fans were quick with the D&J puns. One person quipped, "Don't hit her with your car at inauguration," while another shared a GIF of Peck shouting, "Oprah can do anything!"

Back in January 2016, MTV News predicted that Peck and Winfrey would take over the world in 2018. If Peck becomes her campaign manager, it looks like we were only two years off. #Oprah2020

Nickelodeon / Angela Weiss/Getty Images for FIJI Water / NASA via Getty Images

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