Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake, Scarlett Johansson: Most Surprising Nude Photo Scandals


This week is a big one for followers of nude photo scandals. Not only did photos of Scarlett Johansson hit the web, but there are now rumors that sexy photos of her "What Goes Around" video co-star Justin Timberlake – taken on his "Friends With Benefits" co-star Mila Kunis' phone – are floating around the world somewhere. Justin connection aside, the most surprising part of this scandal is that these two ladies, both of whom tend to keep their private lives to themselves, are actually involved with a nude photo scandal to begin with.

Over the course of the new millennium, countless celebrities have been embroiled in sex scandals, some unsurprising and some very, very surprising, and most of which have no connection to Justin T whatsoever. So, which scandals really surprised us?

Blake Lively's pics, which hit the net earlier this year, came a bit out of nowhere. The photos were leaked just as she began dating Leonardo DiCaprio and seemed to be moving into the next phase of her career. She said they weren't real, but the hacker claimed they were.

Kanye West is about as high profile a celebrity as there is, so when photos of his genitalia hit the net, it was a bit shocking. (This stuff doesn't usually happen to the really big stars.) He went on to rap about the incident in his song "Runaway." It seems Yeezy's art is very much influenced by his life.

"Twihards" got an eyeful of Ashley Greene back in 2009. The seemingly good girl actress played it coy about whether or not it was truly her in the photos, and her lawyers acted fast and got the photos taken off the Internet as best they could.

Vanessa Hudgens found herself naked on the Internet back in 2007 and it remains one of the most-talked about parts of her career. She even took the blame when it all went down. "I want to apologize to my fans, whose support and trust means the world to me," Hudgens said in a statement. "I am embarrassed over this situation and regret having ever taken these photos. I am thankful for the support of my family and friends."

Paramore leading lady Hayley Williams faced her topless photo scandal with grace and dignity, tweeting her fans a big thank you for their support. "Always knew we had the greatest fans," she tweeted. "Thank you so much for all the support. Overwhelming. Today is a new day. Gonna keep my head up high."