Drake Bell's Christina Grimmie Tribute Is A Touching 'Drake & Josh' Throwback

The actor honors her memory through Vine

Days after 22-year-old singer Christina Grimmie was shot and killed while signing autographs at her own concert, Drake Bell honored her memory by retweeting an old Vine the two made together and sharing a YouTube version of it.

The Vine, which was uploaded back in December 2015, is a reenactment from the classic "Theater Thug" episode from Drake & Josh. Bell reprised his role, while Grimmie took over Josh Peck's.

Bell also retweeted both of Grimmie's responses to fans about the video, and how she basically lost her chill while filming it.

After first hearing the news she'd been attacked, Bell shared a pic of the two artists hanging out.

Later, he uploaded another pic of them together on Instagram, adding a heartwarming caption: "I am so heartbroken by this tragic news. Christina was so sweet and full of love. It was impossible not to smile and laugh when she was around ..."


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