Britney Spears' 10 Best Songs Never Released As Singles

Will your favorite make the list?

Class is in session, and we'll be looking at chapters 1 through 8 for Godney Jean Spears' best work that never had the opportunity of receiving "official single" status. Sure, we could call these songs "underrated," but let's just go with "exclusive fan favorites" instead.

Can't Make You Love Me

Spoiler Alert: This is the only early Brit track to make the list. While we have nothing but fond memories of the early Spears eras, Britney's later works are undeniably more complex and seductive, both sonically and lyrically.

This song earns its place, however, for being such a personal match to the pop star's life at the time -- much like the ever so famous "Lucky." On an album filled to the brim with seemingly overdramatic, cheesy love songs, "Can't Make You Love Me" was lyrically tailored as a perfect fit for a young celeb of Britney's caliber.

"If only I could trade the fancy cars / For a chance today, it's incomparable / I might be sitting with the movie stars / Everybody say that I have it all / But I can't make you love me."

The Hook Up

Tricky Stewart blessed this In The Zone song with a blend of reggae and hip hop -- a rather jaw-dropping combination when a few of Britney's dance routines are thrown in.

Need proof? Go watch the Onyx Hotel Tour and...

"Back it up, na / Bump ya rump, na /Grab my waist, na / Work it out, na."

Shattered Glass

A clear fan favorite, "Shattered Glass" hit the ground running after charting on the Billboard Hot 100 immediately following the release of Circus -- despite not even being released as a buzz single.

While Dr. Luke's production can be something of a hit-or-miss, his work with Britney was typically full of flavor. It's not every day that a track can balance mystical, gritty, hypnotizing and biting like "Shattered Glass" can.

Not to mention the chorus has an essence of early-Britney vocals. Those small flashbacks are always appreciated among fans.


Being a part of the pop bible is an accomplishment in and of itself, but "Freakshow" is also credited as one of the earliest (if not the earliest) appearance of dubstep in mainstream pop music.

Be sure to mention that to any Rihanna Navy members who say dubstep first appeared in "Mad House."

Inside Out

Endless compliments could be given to the high-end dubstep, R&B fusion sound that resulted in "Inside Out," but this Femme Fatale track is smart for more than just its production.

Do the lyrics "Hit me one more time it’s so amazing” and "You're the only one who's ever drove me crazy" bring back any memories, perhaps?


Despite Britney's promises of releasing "Alien" as an official single, the extraterrestrial wonder was left as a buzz single.

Yes, the vocal mix needs work (you can practically hear the rough audio splices, not to mention the infamous vocal leak that William Orbit defended as a warm-up) but that doesn't completely take away from the track's many redeeming factors.

Set Brit's personal life to a metaphor-matching, space-like backing track and "Alien" is an immediate winner.

"There was a time I was one of a kind / Lost in the world out of me myself and I / Was lonely then like an alien."

Get Naked (I Got a Plan)

This Danja masterpiece is pure club personification.

Every little aspect of this song induces the atmosphere of promiscuous company on a midnight dance floor, from Britney's whispered vocals to Danja's constant howling.

"Baby, I'm a freak and I don't really give a damn."

Breathe On Me

To say that "Breathe On Me" is underrated wouldn't be entirely true. The fan buzz has always maintained a tremor for this trip hop track -- as seen when the pop star added it to her tour for The Circus Starring Britney Spears, six years after its release.

Non-single status can't take away the impact of this most-sensual In The Zone staple.

"Just put your lips together and blow."

He About To Lose Me

Sure, Femme Fatale was void of almost any raw emotion or personal connection to Britney, but as a bonus track, "He About To Lose Me" was something of a light at the end of a tunnel for fans.

Relationship trust is one of the pop star's touchier subjects, so this is a tearjerker for close fans.

Unusual You

Ah yes, our two favorite names to hear alongside Britney's: Bloodshy & Avant. The duo produced this pulsating ballad for the princess of pop as a stark contrast to their usual quirky, electropop anthems like "Piece of Me" and "Toxic."

The lyrics also circle back to the theme of Britney's trust issues in relationships, making this another track that fans hold close to their hearts.

"Baby, you're so unusual / Didn't anyone tell you you're supposed to / Break my heart, I expect you to / So why haven't you?"

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