Cocaine, Alcohol Found In Pilot Of Aaliyah's Plane

Latest investigation also suggests airplane did not undergo necessary maintenance.

The pilot in the plane crash that killed Aaliyah in August had traces of

cocaine and alcohol in his body, the Bahamas Department of Civil Aviation

announced Tuesday, according to the Associated Press.

An autopsy of Luis Morales III, who died in the accident with the singer and

seven members of her entourage (see [article id="1448402"]"Aaliyah Killed In Plane Crash"[/article]), showed cocaine in his

urine and alcohol in his stomach. The department is still investigating how

the substances might have affected the 30-year-old pilot.

Twelve days before the August 25 crash, Morales pleaded no contest to

cocaine possession in Pompano Beach, Florida, and was sentenced to three

years of probation (see [article id="1448503"]"Pilot Of

Aaliyah's Plane Had Been Caught With Cocaine, Was Not Authorized To

Fly"[/article]). His pilot's license should have been revoked, although it had

yet to be at the time of the crash.

In the report released Tuesday, aviation officials also noted the Cessna

402B aircraft Morales was flying may not have undergone fuel-pump wiring

modifications required three years prior to the accident. Particles and

corrosion in the fuel filters also suggested routine maintenance had not

been performed.

The department is still working to track down the owner of the plane and

inspect the aircraft log, which should provide maintenance records.

An investigation shortly after the accident revealed the plane was at least

700 pounds overweight, a finding that also shows up in the latest report.

Along with equipment used during the video shoot for "Rock the Boat" earlier

on the day of the crash, the plane was loaded with one more passenger than

it was certified to carry (see [article id="1448770"]"Aaliyah's

Plane Overloaded, Unbalanced, U.S. Report Says"[/article]).

Although the exact cause of the crash is still uncertain, Tuesday's report

does rule out a few possibilities. The authorities said the plane's engine,

airframe, propeller and fuel tank showed no malfunction.

In May, Aaliyah's parents filed a lawsuit against the owners of the plane,

Virgin Records and several other companies, alleging negligence and

recklessness caused the crash (see [article id="1453948"]"Aaliyah's Parents Accuse Virgin Of Negligence In Crash


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