Watch Justin Bieber Get His Abs Licked In The 'What Do You Mean' Video

Is Justin in a secret society?

Justin Bieber unveiled his "What Do You Mean?" video on Sunday night (Aug. 30), and I'm convinced that it's the sexiest we've ever seen him.

He's sporting the long, blond hair that everyone is talking about and his Calvin Kleins, but none of that matters when he takes everything off with his co-star, model Xenia Deli. Xenia licks Justin's abs as they take it to the next level -- I can only imagine the number of jealous Beliebers out there. But Xenia changes her mind, and Bieber puts his shirt back on.

There's a lot going on here -- there's the almost-sex, and then they get kidnapped by masked men, and then we learn that Bieber was in on it the whole time. They end up at an awesome party where Biebs skates around, and he totally wins his love over again.

All this comes after Bieber's triumphant comeback performance at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, an hour before the video dropped.