JFK On Screen: Ranking The Best (And Worst) Accents

On the 50th anniversary of his death, we look back on his appearances on the screen.

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, an event that solidified the president's place as an icon of American politics and a political figure who wouldn't leave the public consciousness for years to come.

The tragic and controversial nature of his death was only one of the reasons that JFK's life became one that appeared again and again in film and television, and the trend continues still with two high-profile portrayals this year alone. But not all on-screen JFKs are equal, so in honor of the president, we've ranked who honored his signature Massachusetts accent the best.

8. Cliff Robertson in "PT-109" (1963)

Months before Kennedy died, the future Uncle Ben portrayed the president during World War II in the South Pacific, and Robertson didn't change his voice to sound like him at all.

7. Jon Hamm on "Saturday Night Live" (2010)

To be fair, the "Mad Men" star wasn't going for accuracy, so we'll consider this second-worst.

6. Greg Kinnear in "The Kennedys" (2011)

Sometimes for an actor it's hard to sound like anyone but yourself, and watching the miniseries, this is just Greg Kinnear.

5. Patrick Dempsey in "JFK: Reckless Youth" (1993)

McDreamy may have tried a little too hard to channel JFK, but on this list, that can actually count for a lot.

4. James Marsden in "The Butler" (2013)

He matches the president in dreaminess and his accent ain't half bad, but it was a little inconsistent.

3. Bruce Greenwood in "Thirteen Days" (2000)

Greenwood has the looks for sure and his accent errs on the lighter side, but he could have pushed it a little further.

2. Martin Sheen in "Kennedy" (1983)

This was a hard call because while Martin Sheen sounds a lot like Martin Sheen, it's hard to deny the similarities to JFK's voice.

1. Rob Lowe in "Killing Kennedy" (2013)

We're literally as surprised as you are, but Chris Traeger does a pretty good JFK.

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