13 Times Deadpool Annoyed Every Single One Of The Avengers

Wade Wilson does NOT play nice with others.

We're all super pumped for the "Deadpool" movie next year -- even more so now that we've all seen the amazing teaser trailer that just went up online. But there's one thing that the movie won't ever be able to fully capture about our favorite Merc With A Mouth, and that's how great he is at pissing off everyone else in the Marvel comics universe.

Oh, sure, he'll get to annoy T.J. Miller and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (played by Brianna Hildebrand), but it just won't be the same as all the times he's messed with Spider-Man, Hawkeye and Wolverine. Although you never know, maybe Fox will let him crossover with the full "X-Men" cast again one day?

Regardless, here are some of our favorite moments in recent memory where Wade Wilson got on everybody nerves -- except for ours, of course:

That time he enabled Tony Stark's alcoholism.

tony stark

I'm pretty sure that's not how interventions work, Wade.

That time he tried to flirt with Black Widow...


And then ended up getting cozy with Captain America instead.


And with Thor, although in a totally different way.


I'm here for sexually fluid Deadpool, y'all. And so is current "Deadpool" comic writer Gerry Duggan!

That time he tried to give Hawkeye a new nickname.


Why stop there, though? Maybe nobody's called him "Ygritte" yet.

And then ate all of his hotdogs.


That time he taught Spider-Man about shipping.


That other time he interrupted Steve Rogers' TV-watching.


Bit of background info: in the comics, Steve Rogers's super serum recently wore off and he became -- well, the age he actually is. That's why Sam "Falcon" Wilson started taking over as Captain America for him last year. Also he has the best fuzzy slippers ever.

That time he messed with the Hulk


That never ends well.

The time he was surprisingly candid with Daredevil.


That time he took care of Ant-Man.


Way harsh, Deadpool.

And then when he pissed off every single one of the X-Men.


Finally, that time he hosted his own roast.


The entire Marvel Universe came together to make fun of him in his last solo issue before the big"Secret Wars" event -- though not willingly.

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