Watch Alessia Cara Surprise the Headphones Off Of Her Ultimate Fan

Talk about having the best day ever

Not many people in this world can say they got to record a song with their favorite artist, but Samantha — an Alessia Cara superfan — can. We teamed up with Applebee's to give this Ultimate Fan Experience sweepstakes winner the chance to not only hop into the studio with her fave, but to give back to the community as well. Talk about having the best day ever.

First, Samantha met with Stan, a student and musician at Dreamyard Art Center in New York City, where kids in the community can develop their voice through the arts. While working on remixing Alessia's latest single, "Scars to Your Beautiful," the singer herself showed up as the duo was deep at work, surprising our winner who turned around to find herself face to face with her idol (!!!). Turns out, they'd chosen the perfect song to work on as Samantha reveals what "Scars" means to her and the two were able to connect on similar experiences. To see why Samantha was a fitting choice for this Ultimate Fan Experience and to watch Alessia's performance for the super talented kids at Dreamyard, watch the video below!

For your chance to hang out and give back with one of your favorite artists, keep your eyes peeled on You could be saving the world with your idol!

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