Sara Bareilles And Her Fans Are Sending Dancing Videos To Her Friend In Need, And Now Taylor Swift Is On Board

Sometimes you just have to 'Shake It Off.'

We knew that Sara Bareilles never misses a beat, but we didn't know she was lightning on her feet. At least that's what Taylor Swift says about Sara's new Instagram video.

The "I Choose You" singer flicked on her camera and danced almost as awkwardly as Taylor, while Tay's tune "Shake It Off" played. Bareilles boogied her butt and bounced in her pajamas, and in the caption she urged her followers to send their dancing videos to friend Summer Shapiro, who danced in Sara's "Brave" video.

And, as a fan of clumsy moves herself, Taylor loved the short clip, spreading it around to her followers as well.

The video was meant to provide Shapiro with a little sunshine. We hope these dancing videos make her day!

This is Summer:

Here are some videos people sent to Summer so far: