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You'll Never Guess Who Harry Styles Cuddled Up With On 'The Graham Norton Show'

Be still our jealous hearts, this ish is too cute for words.

So much amazingness happened when One Direction appeared on “The Graham Norton Show” yesterday that Directioners may need to mentally prepare themselves.



You ready? OK, here’s what went down. First, appearing alongside 1D was Sir Ian McKellen, a.k.a. Gandalf from “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” movies, a.k.a. our new favorite fanboy. Not only did he show up sporting an old-school 1D shirt (seriously!) but he also gushed about the band, recalling a time when he went to see the boys perform in New Zealand.

Apparently, the guys were supposed to return the favor by visiting the set of “The Hobbit” the next day, but they couldn’t make it. McKellen jokingly suggested they may have had a little too much fun partying the night before, to which Liam Payne quipped, “We’re having water tonight, though, so we’re safe!” Oh, Liam.

Later, when McKellen was talking about the final “Hobbit” movie, Harry revealed his inner nerd by admitting that he and a friend once had a “Lord of the Rings” marathon on a day off from school. He told McKellen “you’re amazing!” to which the actor replied, “so are you.”

And then they did this:



And then we went:




But that’s not all the Brit babes gushed over. Norton also addressed a subject of international debate when he brought up Zayn Malik’s glorious new hairstyle. The guys cracked up over some hilarious tweets about Zayn’s ‘do at last month’s American Music Awards, which featured that single, all-heavenly stray strand. “It kind of just fell that way!” Zayn said, basically admitting that he’s a perfect human specimen without even trying. Sigh.

Oh, and speaking of Zayn’s hair, we need to talk about the double ponytail look he was sporting on the show. YEP, this was a thing:


Finally, the guys took the stage to perform a dreamy rendition of “Night Changes.” Check it out below!