Diddy Advises Ab-Soul To Get Terrifying Eye Surgery

Soul suffers from Stevens–Johnson syndrome.

Ab-Soul's signature shades aren't just to make the rapper look cool; the Black Hippy MC actually suffers from Stevens–Johnson syndrome, a virus which causes his vision to deteriorate. Soul has been contemplating surgery, and although he's still on the fence, some of his friends are trying to convince him to take the step.

"I was talking to Puffy -- or Dr. Sean Combs -- he really suggests that I try to go get a corneal transplant," Ab-Soul told GoodFella Media during a recent interview. "But I'm just a little eerie about that, because what if they messed up?"

Soul explains that he isn't completely blind, his vision is just hindered and it's been getting worse. "The analogy is like your cornea is your windshield and if your windshield is cracked, you get bad glare from the sun sometimes," he said. "That's why you want to get that fixed."

Back in June, Diddy appeared on Soul's These Days... LP and while the Black Lip Pastor was out promoting the album he sat with MTV News and told us that he developed a special bond with the Bad Boy CEO.

"After we exchanged numbers, he just kind of really just became a lot like a mentor to me," Soul explained.

So, Diddy's advice comes from a good place, even if Soul decides against the surgery. "I just kind of look at it to on the brighter side of things, you can't have it all," he told GoodFella. "I have a vivid memory of having 20/20 vision as a child, vivid memories. Even trips, a couple of my shroom, psychedelic trips, I've been able to see in HD."

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