Destiny's Child To Remain A Trio, Says Beyonce

Group still planning to reconvene in the studio early next year.

Destiny's Child are destined to remain a trio after all.

Despite manager Mathew Knowles' suggestion in June that his other daughter, Solange, was joining the group (see [article id="1473417"]"Destiny's Child May Get A New Member Next Year"[/article]), Beyoncé said recently it's not happening.

"The Solange rumor is definitely a rumor," Beyoncé said. "She's not going to be a member of Destiny's Child."

"She's a Solo Star," Kelly Rowland added, name-dropping the younger Knowles' debut album.

Destiny's Child, however, are still planning to reconvene in a studio early next year.

"We were talking today about what we're going to do when we get back together -- the sound, the look -- which is really exciting," Beyoncé said recently before a performance in Jamaica with the group. "We've all grown so much ... it's going to be incredible. Hopefully we'll own next summer."

In the meantime, Beyoncé is planning a solo tour, although her idea is to not hit the road alone.

"Every R&B singer out there, all the divas taking over this summer -- Monica, Mary J. [Blige] -- I want us all to get together," Beyoncé said. No plans, however, have been finalized.

Beyoncé is also releasing her next single, "Baby Boy," a collaboration with dancehall star Sean Paul (see [article id="1477103"]"Sean Paul Appears In The Flesh In Beyonce's 'Baby Boy' Clip"[/article]).

"Dancehall music has so much soul and so much emotion and is so sexy," Beyoncé said. "You hear that music and you hear it in your heart. You can't help but react to it."

With Beyoncé promoting Dangerously in Love and Michelle Williams working on her second solo album, Rowland has been able to further her film career past the hit "Freddy Vs. Jason." For her next foray, she will star in "Seat Filler" with co-writer Duane Martin ("Scream 2," "Any Given Sunday") (see [article id="1473742"]"Kelly Rowland In Talks To Play Megastar In Romantic Comedy"[/article]).

"Mel B from the Spice Girls actually plays my best friend," Rowland revealed. "Next week we shoot some of the most personal scenes, so I'm excited."

After "Freddy Vs. Jason," Rowland is comfortable acting; it's her first solo tour -- in the U.K. in September -- that has her nervous. "Before I step foot on the stage by myself, I get emotional and I want to cry," she said. "I don't like performing by myself. Luckily, I have a lot of dancers."

When Rowland does embark on the outing, she can count on having a few friends cheering her on.

"If one of us gets an opportunity, we all support it," Beyoncé said of the various Destiny's Child solo projects. "Society does not want to accept women supporting each other, but hopefully we can change that and show it can be genuine."

As for Solange, instead of joining Destiny's Child, she's recording her second record and recently finished her first film, "Johnson Family Vacation" with Cedric the Entertainer, Vanessa Williams and Bow Wow (see [article id="1470919"]"Bow Wow, Solange Going On 'Vacation' With Cedric, Vanessa Williams"[/article]).

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