Jaden Smith Gives Love To His Famous Dad On 'Offering': Listen

He also raps about trying to save the world.

Jaden Smith just released a new song about his famous dad, the prison system, and saving the world.

“Offering,” Jaden’s latest song (which was released through his sister Willow’s Soundcloud page), tackles the topic of his famous father, Will Smith.

"My dad said to beat the system, understand it first,” he rhymes. My dad's an inspiration, I respect the man and work / And everything you say is something that you can't reverse / Something that you can't rehearse."

Jaden’s raps on the track vary from braggadocios (he calls himself a “rhythm surgeon” and a “male Madonna”), to more sobering topics, like the American prison system.

“Penitentiaries are filling up,” he rhymes. “That’s why they’re killing us / Probably see the flaws in ‘The Matrix' if you’re real enough / Tried to keep it basic but the doctor’s always pillin’ us.”

In the free-flowing song, Jaden even gets into his perspective on his purpose. “Saving the world is my obligation, it’s not my plan,” he raps. “But I’ll do all I can.”

We can see that the younger Smith has his raps in order. Jaden and Kanye West have also reportedly been working closely with Will Smith. According to a February report, the three stars were collaborating on new music for the former "Fresh Prince."

Jaden’s famous dad is still making waves, of course. His classic “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” theme song served as inspiration for an adorable pregnancy announcement that recently went viral. Plus, he's been rhyming all over talk shows of late.

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