These Rappers Are Trying To Bring Healthy Living To Their Old Hood

Jadakiss and Styles P want you to juice.

Styles P and Jadakiss may be known for their rhymes as two thirds of The Lox, but they're steadily making their mark in a whole different world: Juices.

Back in 2011, Styles opened Juices for Life, and now there are three locations throughout the Bronx and his native Yonkers. After growing up on what they now look at as unhealthy -- but widely accessible -- foods, the MCs are eager to bring a healthy alternative to their community.

"Our juice bars are opened in the hoods on purpose, to educate our people on health awareness," Kiss said in a new piece by Elite Daily about the stores.

"What Jadakiss and Styles P are doing, they're successful, and they don't need to be concerned about society," Jeff Brown, the founder and CEO of Brown’s Super Stores, and the founder of Uplift Solutions, a non-profit which works to provide underserved communities access to fresh food, said. "They're deciding to use their success to make a difference for people. I think if we all did that, we'd fix a lot of our country's problems."

"We here for a cause, man," SP said. "'Cause it's a way of life. You're not too cool. You're not too gangsta. You're not too fly."

Juice up.

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