The New 'Fantastic Four' Has Changed Doctor Doom In A Big, Big Way'sday preppers, unite!

With less than a year until its release, we still know very little about "Fantastic Four," Fox's upcoming reboot of the Marvel superhero franchise. But actor Toby Kebbell, who stars in the film as the villainous Doctor Doom, just offered up a very interesting, and very controversial, update — namely, that he's not Doctor Doom… at least not as we know him.

"He's not Von Doom," Kebbell told IGN in a new interview. "He's Domashev."

That's right: "Fantastic Four" is doing away with Victor Von Doom. Instead, it's bringing us Victor Domashev, a character Kebbell describes as "a programmer, and when he's in chatrooms, he's Doom." On top of that, it sounds like Von Doom Domashev lives in America, based on how Kebbell described his character's voice:

"It's the voice of a person who has been in a country… when I was a kid, it's an Eastern European who's living in England. They kind of have an English accent, but you can tell they're not from there. This is Von Doom — or Domashev, as we have him in this movie — and he's in America, so I did an American accent with that hint, that element."

Sounds like a pretty far cry from the Latverian dictator that fans know and love from the comics, but have yet to see on the big-screen. If you're disappointed, and you're looking for someone to blame, don't look at Kebbell.

"I hope it's not upsetting anyone," he said. "The voice is so vitally important. Nothing else was under my control. This is a huge feature film. As much as I could influence [the voice], it's from my imagination of when I would read the comic book. That's what I focused on. I'm a fan, too."

"Fantastic Four" hits theaters on August 7, 2015.

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