Chance The Rapper Reacts To Kanye Calling Him ‘The Future’ At The VMAs

‘That made me blush again’

During Kanye West’s predictably unpredictable speech at Sunday night’s VMAs, he talked a lot about himself. And his wife. And Amber Rose and Taylor Swift and a few other people from his past. But before premiering his Teyana Taylor–starring “Fade” video, Kanye also gave a warm shout-out to three artists whom he considers “the future.”

“I’m standing in front of the future: Chance the Rapper, 2 Chainz, Jaden Smith,” he said. “We are undeniably the influence. The thought leaders.”

Needless to say, Chance was pretty stoked, and reacted accordingly:


When MTV News’s Meredith Graves caught up with Chance backstage later in the show, the Coloring Book rapper was still on cloud nine, and said the shout-out from his mentor and collaborator made him feel “amazing.”

“Kanye West is one of my biggest influences,” he said. “He’s up there with Michael Jackson in my world. He’s from the city [of Chicago], from the Southside, and man! I don’t know! You just saying that made me blush again. So it was cool. Very cool.”

Check out the full interview below to hear Chance tease his next music video and discuss his major cosign from President Obama, which he describes as such: “It feels great. America is on the right path as long as they keep listening to Coloring Book.” Word.

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