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Obama Calls Youth Ball Dance 'Old School'

First couple mixes up their dance moves a bit at 'Be the Change' event.

The Obamas are doing a lot of dancing tonight.

The couple, who were serenaded by Beyoncé to "At Last" [article id="1603122"]at the Neighborhood Ball[/article] earlier in the evening (and critiqued by [article id="1603124"]"America's Best Dance Crew" judge Shane Sparks[/article]), took the stage for a more formal instrumental version of the song [article id="1603129"]at the Youth Ball[/article].

Obama transitioned from his speech to the dance, as usual, with style and grace. "I promise you, America will get stronger and more united," he said. "You are going to make it happen, and [we] thank you from the bottom our hearts. God bless America. Hit it, band!"

The couple then gently broke into a slow dance that was more formal, yet showed a bit more character than the Neighborhood Ball dance, showing off a few more fancy dance moves while laughing and joking with each other before the exuberant crowd. At the end, Obama kissed his wife on the cheek and gave a nod to the crowd before proclaiming, presumably in reference to their more formal dance, "That's what's called 'old school.' Have a great night, guys. Love you."

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