Charlize Theron Is No Comic Book Geek, But She Promises 'Hancock' Is 'As Unusual As They Come'

The Oscar-winning, potty-mouthed beauty issues an interesting challenge to all superheroes.

If you believe the advertisements for [article id="1568596"]"Hancock,"[/article] the Will Smith superhero flick destined to dominate July 4th weekend, then Charlize Theron has got a thankless supporting role as Jason Bateman's wife. Never trust the ads. There's more going on with this quite original movie than meets the eye.

And the same can be said for the beautiful and statuesque Theron. [article id="1583375"]She swears like a pirate[/article] and has a wickedly dark sense of humor that belies her sweet exterior. Plus, she's one of the most engaging interviews in the business if you find her ready to spar. That she was when MTV News caught up with her for the first time since a memorable March interview in which the Oscar winner [article id="1583373"]revealed she'd never heard of "The Hills."[/article]

This time around, we couldn't help asking if she'd caught up on LC and Heidi, and whether she's still got the sexiest potty-mouth in Hollywood.

MTV: Is this as dark and realistic a superhero film as there can or should be?

Charlize Theron: Well, I don't really want to compare it to other superhero films, 'cause I think this one just kicks the ass of all other superhero films. And by the way, Will paid me to say that, so do not hold me accountable. Other Marvel superhero [films], do not come after me.

MTV: Were you a fan of the superhero genre before this?

Theron: I didn't really grow up with comic books. I grew up on a small farm in Africa with no brothers, so I didn't really have access to them. But I like them when they push the envelope, and they give you something different. And I feel like this one is as different and unusual as they come.

MTV: What makes a great superhero?

Theron: Well, the ultimate test is how well do you fly drunk? That's what I would say. I think we should make a film and we should just do those kinds of challenges. We should just see how well Superman shoots his spider webs. Uh-oh. [Laughs] Spider-Man shoots his spiderwebs.

MTV: Someone needs to rent a few DVDs.

Theron: [Laughs] It's been a long day. We should see how well Hulk uses his ... wait a second ...

MTV: His powerful green hands?

Theron: Under the influence of alcohol.

MTV: So the last time we spoke ...

Theron: Speaking of alcohol.

MTV: You unleashed a string of expletives at me that I had not heard since, frankly ever. And I'm honored that —

Theron: That is not true, Josh. Come on. You do not live under a rock.

MTV: I live a very innocent existence. I want you to know, though, that our last conversation got us into the Entertainment Weekly Bullseye.

Theron: You're kidding!

MTV: It was because you had never heard of "The Hills" when we spoke.

Theron: What is the bullseye? Is it like bullsh--?

MTV: No, this is, like, the nexus of pop-culture coolness for the week. And we almost made it into the middle.

Theron: But they're basically making fun of me for not knowing. That's what it is. So at my expense, you're in a magazine. That's really great.

MTV: So, have you seen "The Hills" now? Have you brushed up?

Theron: [Exasperated] Yes, I've seen "The Hills."

MTV: Are you in Heidi's or Lauren's camp?

Theron: I didn't watch it that much.

MTV: You didn't watch it, did you?

Theron: I got a little bored. No, I'm kidding. I kid you. People love the show. I was in Germany four days ago, and they had it in Germany. I didn't quite follow it. It was dubbed. But it's unbelievable. And I don't think that show needs any more press, because it seems to be ruling the world right now.

MTV: Do you want to curse at me one more time for the road?

Theron: Get out of here, f---face! [Laughs]

MTV: Good to see you.

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