These Women Have Been Free Bleeding To Expose The Ridiculous Truth Behind The Tampon Tax

Because, no, tampons are 'not' a luxury.

Activists were looking like your seventh grade nightmare -- white pants with that tell-tale period stain -- outside the Westminster location of the U.K.'s parliament.

Why? Think of it as a way to call bloody bulls--t on the nonsense that is the tampon tax.

In the U.K., there's a 5 percent Value Added Tax (VAT) tax on certain luxury items -- including sanitary products like tampons and pads. Similar to taxes that until recently existed in Canada and still exist the majority of U.S. states, these taxes are a source of a lot of grief.

The additional financial strains of paying for all the menstrual necessities (placed solely on the shoulders of period-having individuals) do add up. But that's not the only thing cramping our style about these taxes. They also make one fundamentally yucky (and totally bogus) assumption: That finding a way to deal and live with your period is, in fact, a luxury.

"Today I am forgoing tampons and pads outside the houses of parliament to show how 'luxury' tampons really are," activist Charlie Edge wrote on Facebook, adding that she and her fellow protesters were also raising money to provide women's shelters, homeless shelters and refugees with these essential hygiene products.

(And she totally did get on BuzzFeed, BTW.)

MTV News has reached out to Charlie Edge for comment.