Did Chase Ever Find Zoey After The 'Zoey 101' Time Capsule Video Was Unearthed?

'What Did Zoey Say? Part 2' finally answers this huge <i>Zoey 101</i> question

Last September, Zoey 101 creator Dan Schneider gave us the answer to the question we've been waiting 10 years for: What did Zoey Brooks (Jamie Lynn Spears) say in her time capsule video? In a video uploaded to YouTube titled "What Did Zoey Say?," we got to catch up with Chase (Sean Flynn) a decade after the time capsule episode aired on Nickelodeon.

He was about to propose to his girlfriend, a Zoey lookalike, until his best friend, Michael (Chris Massey), interrupted the moment and presented Chase with Zoey's time capsule message. In it, Zoey called Chase her "soulmate" -- and that was enough for Chase to ditch his sidechick, grab the ring, and run off in a blind, adrenaline-fueled panic to find Zoey.

But what happened after Chase literally ran after his dream girl? Where did he go? And most importantly, did he ever find Zoey and profess his undying love to her?! Thanks to Zoe Borden, an International Development student at UCLA, we finally get the resolution we've been waiting for. Except, well, it all goes down a little differently than you were probably anticipating.

As you can see, Flynn reprises his role as Chase in this hilarious video encouraging students to vote for Zoe Borden for UCLA's General Representative. (He's even wearing the same clothes he wore in the "What Did Zoey Say?" video, so: nicely done, Zoe Borden.)

It may not be the "official" end to Chase and Zoey's story -- that's still TBD -- but there's something satisfying about seeing this Zoe turn down Chase's declaration of love to instead focus on being a boss on campus. We think the real Zoey Brooks would appreciate it too.

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