‘Speed Dial,’ Episode 22: Black Girl Comedy

Also discussed: the problem with liberal do-gooders and the death of Venida Browder

Hello Speed Dialers! Ira Madison III and Doreen St. Félix return with another episode of “Speed Dial with Ira and Doreen,” MTV’s bicoastal podcast about music, pop culture, sex, and race.

2016 is a renaissance year for black television. This week, Ira and Doreen talk about Issa Rae’s Insecure and the legacy of black female comedians in television. Comedians like Rae, Jessica Williams, and others are carving out new spaces for smart stories to thrive, much like the trailblazers of the ’90s sitcom era. Next, a necessary rant about about the GoFundMe account Democrats set up to rebuild a GOP building in North Carolina. Your “Speed Dial” hosts discuss how “niceness” isn’t going to fix white supremacy. Ira and Doreen also talk about the tragic death of Venida Browder, mother of Kalief Browder, and the ways mass incarceration destroy families. Finally, they answer a Feeback call from a black woman listener who constantly gets asked if she works at Nordstrom Rack when she’s shopping there.

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