Kid Rock, Former Girlfriend Strike Custody Deal

After being ordered by a court to do so, Kid Rock and former girlfriend Kelley South Russell have reached a tentative agreement regarding the shared custody of their seven-year-old son, according to the "Detroit Free Press."

In a strange twist, Russell, an autoworker, has consented to pay the multi-platinum selling Rock $25 a week in child support. In return, she will get additional visitation time with the boy, the newspaper reports.

Rock (born Robert Ritchie) will retain full physical custody of their son, whose medical coverage will be provided by Russell through her employer, Ford Motor Co.

Russell and Ritchie struck a deal that effectively ended the 10-month battle during all-day negotiations on Tuesday (see [article id="1430804"]"Kid Rock Faces Custody Battle"[/article]), although a Macomb County Circuit Court judge has yet to formally approve the agreement.

The custody dispute began in December 1999, when Rock attempted to

secure adjustments in the amount of time Russell got to spend with the boy, a move that prompted Russell to seek custody (see [article id="1430804"]"Kid Rock Faces Custody Battle"[/article]).

Kid Rock is currently in the studio working on the follow-up to his 1998 breakthrough, "Devil Without A Cause."

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