New Video: twenty one pilots, 'Car Radio'

Tyler Joseph of twenty | one | pilots gives himself a cathartic haircut in the video for "Car Radio."

Sometimes reinventing yourself with a new haircut can be freeing and liberating (see: Miley Cyrus' fauxhawk or Justin Bieber's new 'do). And sometimes it's Britney Spears in 2007. But like the mythical phoenix, we all rise again, hair or no hair. And besides, it WILL grow back. That's something Tyler Joseph of rap-rock-tronica duo twenty | one | pilots (MTV'S Artist To Watch and Hangout Fest performer) might want to keep in mind as he embarks on his own hair-related journey in the band's emotional new clip for "Car Radio," off of their recent LP, Vessel.

Watch twenty | one | pilots' "Car Radio" video after the jump.

Directed by Mark C. Eshleman, "Car Radio" kicks off with Tyler sitting on the bathroom floor lamenting the loss of -- what else? -- his car radio. In a fit of emotion, Tyler grabs the clippers and buzzes his hair right off. Fortunately, after his follicle-shedding experience, Tyler appears to have recovered as joins his 21p partner-in-crime, Josh Dun, to rock a live show at Columbus' LC Pavilion. (See if you can spot Waldo, btw. He's in the audience.)

So, what have we learned from Tyler's bad hair day? Well, one is that people cope with their problems in different ways, but the important thing to remember is you can emerge from it better than ever (and hopefully with a good barber on speed dial).

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Photo credit: Fueled By Ramen