There’s A Band Called Teen Mom, And They’re Awesome (VIDEO)

Teen Mom: It's not just a show, it's also a BAND! (A really good one!)

We tend to subscribe to most things MTV around here like it's our jobs (well, we guess technically it is our jobs), so you can imagine how psyched we were to learn out about fuzz-pop outfit Teen Mom. Like the SHOW! Fortunately, the DC-based trio are not a band of underage mothers (though we guess that'd be rather..."Juno"-esque? USE PROTECTION, FOLKS), so we're guessing that this band name is what they call "ironic." And now that we've discovered them, we're newly obsessed with Teen Mom's mega-retro video for "I Wanna Go Out."

Watch Teen Mom's "I Wanna Go Out" video after the jump.

Depicting what looks like every teenager's first non-chaperoned party experience (except it's definitely an early-to-mid '80s party -- no smartphones in sight -- just turntables), "I Wanna Go Out" has a bunch of under-21 girls and boys arriving at a retro rager while looking every possible shade of awkward as they dance, attempt to ask each other to dance, and herd into the bathroom in packs (glad to know that's always been thing). Eventually our protagonist succeeds in his attempt to woo a crush by popping a pair of headphones onto her head (taking romantic cues from Natalie Portman in "Garden State," we see), and the pair (slow) dance the night away as Teen Mom's shoegazey chords culminate in the background.

Teen Mom’s limited edition Mean Tom EP will be available on vinyl (if you're into that!), dropping Nov. 27 on Analog Edition.

+ Watch Teen Mom's "I Wanna Go Out" video.

Teen Mom - I Wanna Go Out from Merlin on Vimeo.

Photo credit: Analog Edition Records

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