Heidi Montag Says Her New Book Is Fiction, But The Plot Sounds Fabulously Familiar

Is she drawing on her experiences from 'The Hills'?

Heidi Montag is using her infamous stint on "The Hills" as inspiration for her latest project: a brand-new, and inevitably juicy, book.

The erstwhile MTV star stopped by Access Hollywood to dish about her tome, which she revealed will come out in the new year. So what's the plot?

"It's going to be a fiction book based on a girl from a small town who fell into the limelight of reality TV and the chaos of it," the blond bombshell coolly told hosts Billy Bush and "Road Rules" vet Kit Hoover.

Nope, NOT a tell-all -- even though it sounds just like a certain someone who left her loved ones in Crested Butte Colorado to move to Tinseltown, endured a turbulent relationship with her former bestie (Lauren Conrad), worked hard for the money (at Brent Bolthouse), and fell for a perennial wisecracker (Spencer Pratt).

Steven Lippman

The Hills

Wonder if the protagonist in this version will hear these infamous words after a massive blowout:

But back to the no-doubt deliciously entertaining publication, which still doesn't have a name. "It's going to be fiction, yeah," a grinning Heidi re-stated after Bush said that she was writing about what she knows. "It's in the final stages of editing, so I've decided to make it an eBook since so much is online these days."

This isn't exactly new territory for the reality TV fixture: She and her hubby have some penning experience -- remember "How to Be Famous: Our Guide to Looking the Part, Playing the Press, and Becoming a Tabloid Fixture"? But will you be reading Mrs. Pratt's latest book? Sound off in the comments below!

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