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The 'S' Stands For Hope in New 'Man of Steel' Trailer

Okay, don't freak out or anything, but apparently our childhoods were all a lie.

Y'see, that "S" on Superman's chest doesn't stand for "Superman." It's not even an "S." The design is something specifically Kryptonian, but its message is one that's universal: "Hope."

Yeah, this ain't your grandfather's Superman (in fact, Amy Adams' Lois Lane doesn't even get to call him that at all). This is "Man of Steel."

And lest you think Zack Snyder and company have gone all soft and moody with their revisionist reboot, have no fear — there's also plenty of things blowing up and Michael Shannon screaming in the new trailer, too. Oh, and Russell Crowe channeling Marlon Brando.

Check out the new trailer above. "Man of Steel" opens June 14.