7 Things Shawn Mendes Has Teased About His Next Album

He's going electric, for one.

Last year, Shawn Mendes made a stunning, chart-topping debut with Handwritten, becoming the youngest person since Justin Bieber to reign atop the Billboard 200 chart. The album spawned a hit single, “Stitches,” and earned him an opening slot on Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour — all in all, a stellar year for Shawn.

Now, in an effort to capitalize on all his success and dodge the sophomore slump, the 17-year-old is back in the studio prepping his Handwritten follow-up. Yep, somewhere between scoring a modeling contract, appearing on hit TV shows and duetting with Elton John, Shawn’s finding time to write and record more of his sweet jammy tunes.

While specific details like an album title and release date are still TBD, the Canadian crooner has been relentlessly teasing his new material, mostly by repeating over and over again how excited he is about it.

Here are a few more concrete things Shawn’s revealed about album two — get excited!

Expect a lot more electric guitar.

It’s hard to imagine Shawn without a trusty acoustic guitar at his grip; it’s practically an extension of his arm by now. But we’re totally down with hearing a louder, plugged-in sound. Bring it, Mendes.

He’s focusing on the “vibes.”

And it’s making him happy, which probably means they’re all positive and feel-good.

Like, don’t worry about the vibes, guys. The vibes are there and they're good.


He’s gunning for a John Mayer feature.

It might be a long shot, but even if Mayer doesn’t appear on the album, it’s safe to assume he’s a source of inspiration for Shawn’s new music. That would make sense, given their similarities. Mayer’s debut album, 2001’s Room For Squares, boasted acoustic guitar-heavy singles like “Your Body Is A Wonderland” and “Why Georgia,” which both sound right up Shawn’s alley. But for Mayer’s second album, 2003’s Heavier Things, he expanded upon that core pop sound — something Shawn is likely aiming to do as well.

There may be a song about missing someone.

After a fan tweeted to Shawn, “I wish I could say I miss you but I can’t,” he was clearly inspired. Maybe the idea of yearning for someone is heavy on Shawn’s mind right now? Sounds like a ballad in the making.

He’s writing with Scott Harris and Teddy Geiger.

This is great news, because both Harris and Geiger are experienced pop writers by now. Harris co-wrote wrote several songs on Handwritten, including “Life of the Party,” “Kid in Love,” “Aftertaste” and “Something Big.” Geiger, meanwhile, co-wrote “Stitches” for Shawn, and also has a long history with One Direction — he co-wrote and co-produced their tracks “Little Black Dress” and “Where Do Broken Hearts Go?”

Overall, expect this batch of songs to be “special.”

We wouldn’t expect anything less.

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