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Boyzone Signs Million Dollar Deal

Boyzone are following close on the high heels of the Spice Girls.

The advertising industry trade paper "Advertising Age" reports that the Dublin-based band has just signed a million dollar a year contract with Pepsi-Cola. The deal is scheduled to kick off in June with the release of the Boyzone's new album, "Where We Belong." It will also cover a greatest hits package due out before Christmas.

The paper reports that the Pepsi deal will include marketing in Europe and Southeast Asia and will involve magazine poster giveaways, retail marketing and contests. The band previously had a two year deal with Diet Coke, which ended in 1996.

Boyzone, like their fellow Spice Girls who also speak for Pepsi for big bucks, were "discovered" when the members answered an ad, this one placed by a Dublin nightclub owner looking for good looking young male singers. The band initially began their recording careers covering songs by other pop icons such as the Osmonds and the Bee

Gees, but their pending album features almost all original material.

The first single, "All That I Need," should hit the States in early May.