'The Great Gatsby' Before and After VFX Clip, For Your Consideration

Much to the chagrin of Baz Luhrmann and Leonardo DiCaprio (but mostly Baz Lurhmann for Leonardo DiCaprio), almost no one's penciling "The Great Gatsby" into their early awards season ballots for the directing, acting or best picture category prizes. Not even the year's resident weird voter Quentin Tarantino.

But the door's not closed on "Gatsby's" Oscar chances yet.

Not when you've got all those splashy technical prizes — cinematography and costume design and sound editing and visual effects and such — to consider. Heck, even "Terminator 2" got a statue once upon a time thanks to the VFX noddage.

So, this before and after visual effects video for "The Great Gatsby" basically reads like a sweet For Your Consideration ad for the viral age, yeah?

Here we have a lengthy look at just how extraordinarily involved the effects work by Chris Godfrey and his team really was.

So. much. green screen.

Now, some of the enhanced segments were obvious, like the moment when Tobey Maguire was perched on a high-rise apartment ledge. C'mon. He's not the Spidey-ing it up anymore, people. But how about how fake the great Gatsby manor actually was? It's absolutely soul-crushing.

The Great Gatsby visual effects before and after

Notice that the vid is also overlaid with the audio stylings of the lovely Lana Del Ray and her soundtrack contribution "Young and Beautiful." Is it safe to presume this doubles as an Original Song bid, too, old sport (sort of a Jordan Baker-style "I've just heard the most amazing thing ... and here I am tantalizing you" move)?

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