Kendrick Lamar Debuted A New Verse During The 2015 BET Awards

K. Dot added a little something extra to 'Alright.'

What better way to kick of the BET Awards on Sunday night (June 28) than with a performance by Kendrick Lamar?

Oh, here's a way: A performance by Kendrick Lamar that included a new verse.

Dot opened the annual event by gracing the stage for his first televised performance of "Alright," off of March's To Pimp a Butterfly. But he decided that wasn't enough, so he blessed the celebs in attendance and fans at home with some new rhymes.

That wasn't all that made his performance stand out, though. Here's what else went into the evening's first act.

He started things off standing on top of a cop car.

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2015 BET Awards - Show

Some saw it as a symbolic statement.

And that cop car had graffiti emblazoned all over it.


Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 8.25.21 PM

Which fans also interpreted as impactful, given certain recent events.

Behind the cars and Kendrick, a ripped American flag waved.

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2015 BET Awards - Show

And you guessed it -- that went over well, too.

Then, after the lights went out (and back on), we got that new verse. And people were impressed.

Very impressed.

Like, he-just-ended-the-world-level impressed.

Check out the full performance, including that new verse, below.