Of Course Emma Stone Taught Woody Allen How To Use Twitter

BRB, showing this to my grandpa.

Emma Stone officially has another skill to add to her LinkedIn profile, right after "can make the perfect reaction face to camera at every awards show" and "will rock every single hair color on the rainbow like it ain't no thing."

This new skill -- teaching a senior citizen how to use Twitter without going insane -- came up when the actress was promoting her latest, "Irrational Man," on "Conan" on Tuesday (July 14), when her fellow ginger O'Brien asked her for her favorite Woody Allen moment.

"He asked me what Twitter was," she replied. "To explain Twitter to him. So I was telling him, 'it's 140 characters, you kind of write these sentences, and I don't really understand the point unless you're a musician advertising a gig, or you're a comedian and you're doing one-liners.' And he said, 'what's a good example of something that someone has put on Twitter?'"

At this point, Stone logged on to find this "good example" -- presumably on someone else's account, she she tragically doesn't have her own -- and settled on iconic author Joyce Carol Oates.

"I was looking and I was like, 'here's a great one,'' Stone continued. "She wrote, 'tragedy plus time equals comedy.' That's great.' [Allen] goes, 'that's my line... in 'Crimes and Misdemeanors,' Alan Alda, we did it about 40 times. I don't think she intentionally stole my line, maybe she just... but it's very funny, no, I see the point.'"

Nothing like an ego boost to explain the necessity of Twitter to someone, amIright? Anyway, Stone concluded by saying "just another reason why he should probably be on Twitter," which is pretty much what every single viewer was thinking about Stone herself... or maybe just Instagram? We'd settle for Instagram, Emma.

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