Ryan Gosling Talks Marriage Plans: 'I'm A Grown-Ass Man'

'Blue Valentine' star tells MTV News, 'It depends on the lady.'

Over the span of his career, Ryan Gosling has become a certifiable Hollywood heartthrob. And in the process, he's been linked to some of Hollywood's rising female stars, most notably an on-again, offscreen romance with his "Notebook" co-star Rachel McAdams.

In his latest flick, the depressing love story "Blue Valentine,"

Gosling and Michelle Williams take a look at what it means to keep a marriage together, and Gosling admits that he is approaching that stage in his life where marriage is a consideration.

"I'm a grown-ass man," he joked to MTV News about hitting the big 3-0 and what that means for his love life.

The film -- which the Motion Picture Association of America previously [article id="1653780"]rated NC-17[/article] (thanks to graphic sex scenes) before deeming it R after a studio appeal -- takes a realistic look at love and the evolution and devolution of a marriage. So, has playing this role scared Gosling away from the idea of marriage?

"To me, that stuff's funny," he said. "Just the idea that you're just gonna get married. It depends on the lady. You have to meet somebody that you feel like you can go down that road with. I don't want to just do it arbitrarily to say that I did."

In January, Gosling spoke to MTV News about "Blue Valentine" at the [article id="1630549"]Sundance Film Festival[/article]. "It's a lot of pressure to watch it with all those people," he explained. "Also, it's a racy movie, so it's hard to watch those scenes with so many people."

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