'Captain America' Movie Gets Video Game Tie-In: 'Captain America: Super Soldier'

Video game publisher Sega announced today that we geeks will get our chance to live the life of a World War II super-soldier as well. Movie tie-in game "Captain America: Super Soldier" will arrives in stores sometime in 2011, likely close to the film's July 22 release, for just about every gaming platform available: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS.

No mention of an iDevice version of the game, but I'll be very surprised if that doesn't eventually join the fray as well.

Sega confirms that Cap's interactive World War II-set adventure will pit him against the Red Skull and his army as well as the terrorist organization known as HYDRA. In addition to Red Skull, the primary antagonist in "Captain America: First Avenger," the titular patriot will also trade blows with the likes of Iron Cross, World War II Germany's answer to the US super-soldier program, and mad biochemist Arnim Zola, who will surely have his own army of abominations for players to carve through.

The game is described as a third-person action adventure featuring close-quarters combat — with Cap's shield, of course — and platforming. The shield will serve as more than just a projectile and head-bashing tool; it will also be a key component in solving some of the game's puzzles.

It isn't clear how closely the game's story will tie in with that of the movie's. Written by noted comic book writer Stephen Gage ("Siege: Captain America," "Civil War: House of M"), the story is said to exist "within the same world as the upcoming movie," but the game will feature "immersive twists designed to enhance gameplay with all-new cinematic action sequences."

It sounds rather similar to the tie-in game for "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" to me. That game draws easy comparisons with other cinematically oriented third-person action experiences like "God of War," though of course tailored to the unique strengths of the main character. While not a perfect game, "Wolverine" was nonetheless a lot of fun to play.

Development of "Captain America: Super Soldier" rests with an internal team at Sega; if they're looking to "Wolverine" as an example, they're certainly leaning in the right direction, as that style of gameplay would be well-suited to Cap's physical, up-close-and-personal combat training.

Check out some images Sega sent over to accompany the announcement below:

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