Static Aliens Find Love In Whistle Peak's 'Longrun' Video

Love can make you feel like a discombobulated alien -- at least that's the case in Whistle Peak's new video for "Longrun," which features a static-spun man who climbs out of the TV and into a world where no one understands him, expect, of course, for his static-spun mate.

Over the past several years, Louisville, Kentucky-hailing outfit Whistle Peak have blended electronic and folk elements to create a sound all their own. The vocals of frontman Billy Petot are often deadpan yet strangely melodic, and altogether compelling when mixed with the shape-shifting instrumentation. This is no more evident than on "Longrun," an undeniable standout from their collection of previously unreleased tracks, this past April's Put To Flight.

The song deals with the tried-and-true concept of not knowing whether you're in love or not—or "waffling back and forth about wanting to be with someone," as Petot explained it. And to capture that feeling, he and the rest of the band got together with Matt Fulks of Mad Fox Productions to create what looks more like a mini-movie than your typical music video.

The piece dabbles in neorealism and science fiction, like a cross between classic films "Videodrome" and "Umberto D.," and embraces the concept of both love and feeling ostracized from society. From there, the static, extraterrestrial-like creature that climbs out of the television at the outset was born, only to be shut out from the community it finds itself in the middle of.

When asked if he believes in aliens like the one seen in the video, Petot answered with a nod. He went on to say that his bandmate, songwriter David Boston, does as well, before adding: "When we started writing music together 10 or 15 years ago we'd talk for hours about life and its mysteries, particularly what could be beyond our own atmosphere."

Put To Flight is out now.

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