Lindsay Lohan Taken To Hospital After Car Accident

Singer crashed Mercedes-Benz into a van in West Hollywood on Tuesday.

Lindsay Lohan was transported to a hospital for minor injuries Tuesday (October 4) after she crashed her car into another vehicle in West Hollywood, California.

The 19-year-old actress was driving north on Robertson Boulevard just before 5 p.m. when she collided into the passenger side of a Chevrolet Astro van, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. The Astro, which was turning in front of her, then collided with a parked van. A passenger in Lohan's car and the driver of the Astro suffered moderate injuries and were transported by ambulance to an undisclosed hospital.

A witness told The Associated Press that Lohan immediately ran from the car to the Hideaway House Antiques store, presumably to hide from paparazzi. Lohan's publicist did not immediately return calls.

According to the AP, witnesses also said that dozens of paparazzi had been following Lohan's car before the crash. One witness said the photographers tried to take pictures of the actress while she shopped at a clothing store and then followed her out to her car.

"She got into her black Mercedes across the street, and they literally were like sitting on her car, trying to take pictures of her. She was like yelling at them to get off," Lori Satzberg told the AP.

Pictures from the scene showed the front of Lohan's black convertible Mercedes-Benz severely damaged with the driver- and passenger-side airbags deployed. The sheriff's department is investigating the cause of the accident.

In August 2004, Lohan allegedly caused a head-on collision in Studio City. The occupants of that car sued the actress in February (see [article id="1496531"]"Lindsay Lohan Sued For Traffic Accident"[/article]).

And this summer, Lohan was involved in an accident with a paparazzo, who was accused of hitting her on purpose and was arrested for assault. Three months after the accident, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger passed a law that cracks down on paparazzi who commit assault while in pursuit of their subject (see [article id="1510764"]"Schwarzenegger Cracks Down On Paparazzi With New Law"[/article]).

[This story was originally published at 9:59 pm ET on 10.04.2005]

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