Tricky, Finley Quaye Relationship Breeds Family Feud

If you've heard about rising British reggae rock singer Finley Quaye, then you've probably heard that he's related to trip-hop guru Tricky, an announcement that apparently isn't sitting well with Tricky.

Quaye says he's the half-brother of Tricky's late mother (Maxine Quaye, whom Tricky's 1994 debut album is named for), and his record label has been publicizing the singer as Tricky's half-uncle, a move that has raised Tricky's ire.

While Quaye was reluctant to discuss his family connection to Tricky when he sat down with MTV News recently, Tricky is being quite outspoken about his annoyance, and has even recorded a song about it. The track, called "Can't Freestyle," has been dropped from his upcoming album "Angels With Dirty Faces" (due out this summer), but it seems to call out Quaye on his claims.

On the track, Tricky says, "You call yourself a Quaye/don't you feel no shame/taking my mother's name in vain,/and if you are/how come I've never met you/before only

a year ago/when I was on tour?

Despite Tricky's lyrics, Finley Quaye's people are standing by his claim that he's Tricky's half-uncle.

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