'Harry Potter' Goes High Fashion With Fan-Made Witch Weekly Covers

Which witch would you read?

It's been a while since we had any new "Harry Potter" material to play with (the "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" movie was announced a year ago. A year!), but that doesn't stop the resourceful super-fans of the series.

As of late, fan-made covers for Witch Weekly, the ladymag popular with the witches of the series, have been popping up all over tumblr. We rounded up eight of our favorite covers, plus one scandal, for a window into this magical world.

Teddy Lupin's cover moment


Tumblr user queermarauders imagines Teddy Lupin's tell-all.

Theodore gets Knott-y

Tumblr user cruciococks made a series of awesome covers of the men of Slytherin.

Luna, lookin' good

Siriusblacks goes high fashion.

How much do you know about your neighbors?

Well, are they Death Eaters? Tumblr's hypothetical-fanfic wonders.

The haute-y Mrs. Potter

Shumailxo takes Ginny to a couture place.

Ginny opens up

Tumblr user ktnissevurdeen wants to know: how does the Boy Who Lived really live?

Fleur blooms

Hoofprintsfoto puts the dashing Ms. Delacour in the spotlight.

For teens!

Tumblr user cruciococks knows what the kids like.

And, of course, where there's a glossy magazine, there's bound to be protest.



Tumblr user earthenpony wonders.

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