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Emma Watson Designed A Paddington Bear For Charity And It's Freaking Adorable

Also, 'it's right behind you.'

Emma Watson created a Paddington Bear, and he's coming right for you. Well, kind of.

Paddington, the classic children's lit book character who loves shabby-chic clothes and marmalade is experiencing a career resurgence as of late due to the upcoming "Paddington" film that hits U.S. theaters in January of 2015. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the film's stars -- including "Downton Abbey" patriarch Hugh Bonneville, Nicole Kidman, and the Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi -- designed their own signature Paddington statues for a promotional event in London.

Watson also got in on the fun, creating a butterfly themed "Flutterby Bear" that can currently be viewed at Hans Cresent, SW1X 0LZ, in London. Or here, if you happen to live Stateside and can't travel all the way to England just to see a statue of a bear:

Getty Images

The Paddington Trail - Launch

All of the celebrity-designed bears -- there are 50 in total -- can currently be seen roaming about the streets of London Town, so if you've ever wanted to see what a Watson, Benedict Cumberbatch, or David Beckham-designed Paddington Bear might look like, now's your time. They'll disappear after an auction in December, with all proceeds going to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

... Which is great and all, but I'm not going to deny for a single second that the image below is nightmare fuel, and totally not safe for children. Or teenagers. Or adults. Look if you dare:

Ian Gavan/Getty Images

The Paddington Trail - Launch