Say It's Your Birthday: Flamin' Groovies Tim Lynch

Today is the birthday of former Flamin' Groovie Tim Lynch, born on this day

in San Francisco in 1946. This second-longest surviving San Francisco band

doesn't sound like the Dead or the Airplane, rather the Groovies are a hard

rocking outfit who are more comfortable with Little Richard, Chuck Berry, the

Beatles, the Byrds and the Lovin' Spoonful than psychedelic meandering. Begun

in 1965, the Groovies have always been out of step with the rock world. Ten

years before anyone knew about bands releasing their own independent records,

the Groovies issued a ten-inch mini-album Sneakers. Their early '70s

album, Teenage Head is considered a pre-punk classic, as is their

mid-'70s single, "Slow Death." A year or so later, the group recorded it's

masterpiece, "Shake Some Action," which critic Ira Robbins believes is one

of the Top 10 singles of all time. It was in the '70s that the Groovies got

in the way-back machine and began to make brilliant retro albums and began

wearing '60s period clothes. But by the end of that decade, unable to score a

hit, the band went into semi-retirement. Over a decade later, in 1992, ATN

publisher Michael Goldberg released a new Groovies' album, Rock Juice,

on his indie label, National Records that showcased some of Groovies' leader

Cyril Jordan's best material. Goldberg believes it's one of the great albums

of '92. It is also the birthday of Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Brian Auger, Martha

Reeves, Nigel Twist (Alarm), and Terry Chambers (XTC). Nico died this day in

1988 of a drug overdose.