Bon Jovi Vs: Bongiovi Rages On

August 27 [17:00 EDT] -- Kissing cousins? Try "kiss-off, cousin.

A longstanding dispute between Jon Bon Jovi and his second cousin Tony Bongiovi is in the news. Each is suing the other for the ownership of material on the recently released "John Bongiovi: The Power Station Years.

Tony, not to be confused with Jon/John's brother, Anthony, was the owner of the celebrated Power Station recording studio in New York from 1977 until its bankruptcy and sale last year. Bongiovi takes credit, or at least tries to, for launching the rocker's career citing all the free studio time he gave him in the early eighties. This summer, Bongiovi released the resulting tracks on his own Power Station Records label. Bon Jovi unsuccessfully tried to get the courts to block the album.

I'm absolutely grateful to the guy, but he doesn't own the rights to my early, early kid stuff,'' Bon Jovi told Howard Stern in June.

Jon is taking a solo break from his band, Bon Jovi, and working

his new album "Destination Anywhere," but the singer is now delaying a number of scheduled live appearances to meet his movie career commitments. Next month sees the release of his latest movie "Little City." Also in the queue is a cameo role in "Homegrown," due out October 31.

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