Hilary Duff Puts Everything On Hold To Do Nothing

Exhausted singer/actor taking time off before tackling another project.

NEW YORK -- Give Hilary Duff a break. Seriously.

Over the past year, she's shot three movies, released a best-of album with three new tracks, and performed a sold-out tour (which is continuing in December and January in Australia and Canada, respectively). So when she showed up in New York on Tuesday to accept a Born to Lead Award from CosmoGirl!, it was no wonder she was wiped out.

"I think it's the type of exhaustion that like one night of sleep doesn't fix, you know?" she said. "I was supposed to take September off for my birthday, but it didn't happen" (see [article id="1510661"]"Hilary Turns 18, Turns Down Tattoo Offer From Benji Madden"[/article]).

Now all Duff wants -- consider it a belated birthday present -- is to be able to finally take a month off before embarking on anything new, be it another movie, album, or even something small like a third video for the next single from Most Wanted (the second clip, "Beat of My Heart," premieres Wednesday; see [article id="1510304"]"Hilary Duff Forms A Bond With Espionage Hotties In New Video"[/article]).

"I would really love to do another video, I've never had three singles off an album before, and I had so much fun shooting 'Beat of My Heart,' but just not yet," she said. "It's hard to find time to get it all done, you know?"

That's partly why she's putting her next film project, "Outward Blonde," on hold "for a little while," so her schedule doesn't feel so out of control. Still, she's probably her own worst enemy, because her impulse is to line up yet more work. She's been reading "a ton of scripts" to try to find something she can be passionate about, "that can challenge me but still be somewhat appropriate." She has one script in mind, in which she would play a "cool and weird and messed-up" character.

"It's a really low-budget film, and that's cool, I like that," Duff said. "If it goes to Sundance, I'll be happy. I think it's just timing. I have an incredible tour schedule right now that I have to fulfill, so I just need to find the time to do it."

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