Selena Gomez Plays A Heartbroken Girlfriend In 'Rudderless' -- Watch The Trailer

'Nashville' fans will also be happy to see Chip Esten aka Deacon in the film.

By Ezra Marcus

Selenators, start your engines: we've finally got a glimpse of Selena in the trailer for this fall’s "Rudderless." Directed by William H. Macy, the film tells the tale of a father (Billy Crudup) who attempts to find himself through music after the tragic death of his son.

Gomez plays the bereaved girlfriend in what looks like it’ll be a red-alert-sandbag-the-levees tearjerker. Selena already cried a river while portraying her previous "Spring Breakers" character, and with a tragically dead boyfriend, she'll have plenty of reasons to cry, then smile through the tears, and rediscover joy.

Selena will join an all-star cast that includes Anton Yelchin, Felicity Huffman, and Laurence Fishburne. Chip Esten also appears, and if you’re not familiar, he plays the illustrious Deacon Claybourne in ABC’s "Nashville." Surely his touching vocals and and gut-wrenching portrayal of a recovering alcoholic helped him snag this Hollywood role.

While the movie will feature original material, there's no word on whether or not Selena will sing herself. Fingers crossed. Just FYI, the songs so far sound like a cross between Ed Sheeran and Mumford & Sons.

In a slightly related detail, it seems William H. Macy made the executive decision to have his character rock a weird fedora, but hey, he's the director of the movie and he can do whatever he wants. Also, the folksy singer-songwriter saloon where Crudup makes his triumphant comeback performance is called the “Trill Tavern.”

A$AP Rocky cameo? We already know Selena likes A$AP Ferg, so the connection might not be that far off.

Rudderless will hit theaters on October 17th.

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