John Green Takes You Behind The Scenes Of The 'Paper Towns' Movie

John Green has gone to the paper towns, and he will never come back.

"Paper Towns" won't be in theaters until 2016, but filming for the movie has officially begun down in North Carolina -- which means that John Green, YA Author and Emperor of the Internet, was basically duty-bound to make this video dispatch from the set.

The bad news: You won't see any exciting glimpses of the "Paper Towns" scenery or filming schedule (although you might infer from the calendar behind John that the movie will have wrapped by the end of the year.)

The good news: You will see John Green inexplicably wandering through Saul's house from "Homeland" (which films portions of its action on the same stages), confess to having already slept with the director, and introduce a few key cast members, including newcomers Jaz Sinclair and Justice Smith (who play Angel and Radar, respectively), and Halston Sage, who plays Lacey.

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