'Where The Wild Things Are' Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need To Know

Before visiting Spike Jonze's fantasy land, see how the supposedly 'unfilmable' book came to life.

For five decades, children and adults alike have dreamed about escaping into the alternate reality of Max, the main character from [movie id="291128"]"Where the Wild Things Are."[/movie] Now, there's nowhere we'd rather be than our own world -- so we can go to the theater this weekend and finally see it on the big screen.

But before you head to the theater, make sure to read, click and enjoy our cheat sheet for the new movie. Presented in the words of Maurice Sendak's classic children's book, here are all the photos, trailers and interviews we've accumulated while counting down to the flick, so you'll know where the movie things are:

The Kings of All Wild Things

The film was helped tremendously by a friendship between [article id="1623849"]Maurice Sendak and Spike Jonze[/article] that, unfortunately, is all-too-rare in Hollywood. We all have our favorite early [article id="1623613"]memories spent with "Where the Wild Things Are,"[/article] and so do the film's stars. To help us get excited for the movie (like we needed any assistance), the stars did something über-cool: gave an in-person reading of some key moments from the script to a packed audience of people wearing paper crowns. And, although Max might not always be the best-behaved kid in the world, producer Tom Hanks admitted that the boy reminded him of his own childhood -- minus the fork attacks.

Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

Blake Lively, Hanks, and other huge stars unleashed their inner party monsters at [article id="1623791"]the film's New York premiere[/article]. Check out all the pics. Then, be sure to check out all the equally beautiful pics from the movie itself.

Making Mischief of One Kind

Watch Sendak's masterpiece unfold before your very eyes in the cool clips we have all over our site, while Max asserts himself as the king. We also have the boy taking a walk with Carol and getting deep, meeting the monsters and showing them how to kill bad guys. Through it all, however, Max insists he has no plans to eat anyone. What a nice little boy.

Sailing Off Through Night and Day

For decades, [article id="1623556"]"Where the Wild Things Are" was considered to be "unfilmable"[/article]; sure enough, things got tricky during the movie's years-long production process. For quite a while, it seemed like the scariest monsters in the "Wild Things" world might be all those rumors of reshoots and material too scary for children. Star Max Records acknowledged that the film had some troubles but reminded us that the book also had its share of problems.

I'll Eat You Up!

The film's first trailer gave us a simple but tantalizing glimpse of Jonze's imagination, scored to some of the film's beautiful music. The discussions were immediate, glowing and so thorough that MTV staffers shot themselves analyzing it giddily. The second trailer featured a cool chat between Maurice Sendak and Spike Jonze. Finally, the film's third trailer gave us a more complete glimpse into the "Wild Things" realm.

We Love You So!

Is seeing the movie and owning the book still not enough? Then perhaps you'd like to build your own homemade fort or pick up your own "Wild Things" T-shirts, leggings and $610 Max suits! Still got an extra $25,000 or so sitting around in your wallet? Well, you could always place a bid on this beautiful sketch by Sendak that is currently up for sale.

And It Was Still Hot

Through all the ups and downs, we've all dreamed of the day when we can finally step into Max's boat and set sail to that one-of-a-kind fantasy land, and it's finally here. Maybe our excitement had something to do with Karen O and her awesome work on the soundtrack. But more likely, it's the simple beauty of the imagery -- and the promise of childhood personified.

Check out everything we've got on "Where the Wild Things Are."

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